New Artist: Writer - Family Dinner

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A decent day for new bands, this time we have San Diego's Writer and their latest track, "Family Dinner".

Writer are the brotherly duo of Andy and James Ralph, they've already given a full band a shot but feel they can manage between the two of them. A few extra arms can always help of cause.

The duo make a kind of gritty Garage Rock, however they class themselves as good ol' Indie Rock, but there's definitely more to their sound than that. "Family Dinner" in particular draws upon home comforts and things that most probably draw the pairing closer.

The band have previously toured with a number of our favourites, Cults & Guards on their recent tour as well as the likes of Beach Fossils and Craft Spells. It's fair to say they're in pretty good company.

"Family Dinner" is the most recently exposed track, before that the band released "Miss Mermaid" as a 7". You can listen to both tracks below courtesy of soundcloud. Keep an eye out for their debut LP Brotherface, no release date as of yet.