New Artist: The Echo Vamper - Lover

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High energy, high pretty much everything from newcomers, The Echo Vamper and their new video for "Lover" today.

This is definitely a dose of what we need this muggy Monday. The Echo Vamper are, Iza Mortag Freund & James Brook, ones British and ones Danish and there's no prizes for guessing who's who.

They are what it says on their tin. New Wave Rock or you could say No Wave, either way they've got an awesome old school Rock and Roll feel and Iza's vocals are so raucous they border on sublime. An explosive mix that would get even the most fickle on their feet.

The duo are due to release their debut EP, It's The Echo Vamper, some time in October. Grab a copy of "Lover", their first single, on iTunes and watch the heavily strobe lit new video below.