New Video: The Naked & Famous - The Sun

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The Naked and Famous are back with a new video for their Passive Me, Agressive You album track "The Sun".

It feels like a while since we last spoke about TN&F, infact it was March when we posted their video for "All Of This". Before that though we spoke to the beautiful Alisa and she made a point of  how she thought people would be surprised with what the rest of their album had to offer.
"I think people will feel differently about those comparisons to Passion Pit and MGMT when they hear the rest of the record"
Well "The Sun" is one of those tracks. It's a far cry from the psychedelic dream pop sound of "Punching In A Dream" and "Young Blood".

The video for "The Sun", made by Special Problems who also worked on "Girls Like You" and "Young Blood" videos, has barely been online a day and it's been taken off YouTube.

Watch below to see why. I love videos likes these, they add an extra element to an already very interesting track.