New Track: CANT - Believe

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Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and his CANT project is in full swing ahead of next months release. Today we get another new track to fuel our excitement a whole lot more.

Previously, "Answer" blew us away back in July and rightfully found itself in our Certified New mixtape.

While the former was an upbeat, intertwined electronic infusion, "Believe" is another side to the Taylor's work. Seriously smooth, it still contains the drawn out, panning synths, but it reveals them in a much subtler way, producing a love song of sorts that you cant help but think was helped along its way by a certain George Lewis Jr.

Dreams Come True is out in the UK on September 12th via Terrible Records - (BUY) - and is shaping up to be very, very good indeed.

Stream "Believe" below.

CANT - Believe

*EDIT - Check out the new Jamie Harley made video below.