Remix: Glasser - Treasury of We (Delorean Remix)

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If you, much like us, have been yearning for another dose of Subiza magic then today your in luck. Not exactly new Delorean material, but we'll take it nonetheless.

The band have took some time out to remix Glassers "Treasury of We", adding so much loved balearic span rhythm that we hope is the que for some new Delorean material. No rush or anything, guys.

A message from the band reads:

  "Hey we're back! After a year of intense touring, we finally got back to the studio to do one of the things we like the most: remixing. It's such a great pleasure for us to work again with Glasser, an artist that we had the luck to tour with and to personally know, and that we both respect and like. Hope you all enjoy!"

 Listen / download below.