Introducing: OUTFIT - Two Islands

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It's fair to say we missed a beat or two with Outfit (around a week or so off the pace). But the important thing is we didn't just brush them under the carpet and try to forget. Outfit are too good for that.

Notably the guys are from Liverpool, which is important when we seem to be getting flooded by US 'Beachwave at the minute. Although it's a breath of fresh air to hear some UK stuff from the likes of Betamaxx.

Moving on, Outfit make a kind of sullen, heavy layered doom pop. It works way too well. If you pair that with the fact they're releasing their debut single, "Two Islands"/ "Vehicle" through Double Denim on September 12, then Outfit are onto a winner. Double Denim previously released Christian Aids, Sea Pony and Blackbird Blackbird.

"Two Islands" in particular is a progressive number with an intro bordering on dour and definitely haunting. Don't be put off, it just adds to the piece as a whole. By around the half way mark you think your there. You think you've made it to the peak. My how you're wrong, we're still only progressing. By around the four minute mark, well.....  I'll say no more.