Remix: Fixers - Swimmhaus Johannesburg (Beat Connection remix)

12:21:00 Wayne 0 Comments

In most cases, remixes can be vile creatures. But that's not the case for all of them, oh no. One only has to look at Jon Hopkins remix of Wild Beasts' "Two Dancers", or more recently, the Jensen Sportag re-jig of Memory Tapes "Wait In The Dark" to see how to execute them properly.

In this latest Beat Connection rework they've taken Fixers current single "Swimmhaus Johannesburg", a quite audacious task to begin with, and turned the track on its proverbial head.

A now progressive number that wouldn't be out of place in San Antonio, it moves steady until the 3.15 mark when the teasing build up explodes and an imaginary dance floor places its sun drenched hands into the Ibizan air.

It's yet more proof (and it seems like some parts of the media needed more) that these Seattle youngsters are for real. Stream the remix below along with the original for good measure.