Remix: Memory Tapes - Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)

14:17:00 Wayne 0 Comments

As services go you pretty much know who to turn to when you need something. If somethings burning you call the fire brigade. You need a holiday you call the travel agent. You need some undoubted funk and slickness that will make even the most prudent persons pelvis thrust? Seems like a job for Jensen Sportag then.

The Nashville duo's new remix of Memory Tapes' "Wait In The Dark" is majestic. It's long summer days, BBQ's with friends, white sandy beaches and Cafe Del Mar sunsets all rolled into a magical 5 + minutes. Oh yeah, and sexy as hell too.

Catch up on the original here (with UK tour dates), and be sure to check out the brilliant "Yes I Know" video too.

Player Piano is out in the UK on July 5th. Listen to the remix below...