New Music: Chairlift - Amanaemonesia

13:19:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Anything coming from 'Terrible Records' does seem to have something special about it. Twin Shadow and more recently Blood Orange can only back up my words ten fold. 

The next in line for a memorable release, well, it should be anyway, is from Brooklyn trio Chairlift. The voice may be familiar here, you will have heard Caroline Polachek on Guards' debut EP and the track "Trophy Queen". The icy synths sit nicely with her high pitched bellows on new track (and not to mention new word too) "Amanaemonesia". Is most definitely a solid enough start to merit future interest.

The track is out on August 16th via the aforementioned not so Terrible label.

'is it amanaemonesia? Mistaken it for magic...'

*EDIT New video is now available. WARNING, contains some serious dance moves.