New EP: TV Girl - Benny And The Jetts

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Although still around if you search correctly (ssshhh), Warner Music Group signalled their intentions as to the future of TV Girls "If You Want It" just last month, prompting quite a backlash from certain blogs in the process.

And while terms and conditions around the sample clearance were obviously quite outrageous, whats a band to do once you go to war with someone as colossal as Warner?

All the hasn't stopped Brad & Trung from making a new EP, released for free yesterday entitled 'Benny And The Jetts'. Theres no smashing "On Land" likeness this time, but the EP is full of more elegant loops and laid back summer charm, with the duo developing a more fuller sound for sure.

Stream the four tracks below then head over to their Facebook page to download for free.

Benny and the Jetts EP by TV Girl


New video for "Baby You Were There", directed by Justin Smith