Introducing: Ski Lodge - I Would Die To Be

15:15:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Ski Lodge is the latest signee from New York's Dovecote label, home to Jonquil, Wise Blood and Hooray For Earth amongst others.

Ski Lodge is essentially a one man band with Andrew Marr, who previously recorded as The Clementines, manning the reins.

The first track to surface is "I Would Die To Be", a multi layered guitar virtuoso, ticking all the right boxes that for it to be crowned 'a real summer feel good track'. Inspirations from the 'Artists we like' bullet point are clearly apparent, with Beach Fossils probably being the most obvious. Perhaps Ski Lodge's pop appeal seems more direct, though.

Dovecote look set to be releasing the track with three others (including "A Game" and another from The Clementines days) in the near future, as this picture suggests. Listen to the track below and grab it for free over at the Ski Lodge Facebook page.