Video: Young The Giant - Cough Syrup

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Young The Giant are back with a new video for one of the first pieces of material we heard from them, "Cough Syrup".

During a fairly dry patch last year, in much the same way as Foster The People hit us with "Pumped Up Kicks", Young The Giant hit us with "My Body".

It then led us to "Cough Syrup", another brilliant piece of indie pop. Straight forward guitar music, no over indulgence, with good, simplistic song writing and delivery. The perfect concoction for mainstream success.

In a time that's slowly become too saturated with the "chillwave" genre, amongst others, Young The Giant come as a breath of fresh air. Plus, if Morrissey can muster the energy to compliment a new band, then they must have a certain je ne sais qoui about them.

Watch the video for "Cough Syrup" below and see what you think. If you're new to the band, then I seriously suggest you grab a copy of their debut LP here.