Introducing: Kyle Krone - Driving Deloreans

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At first glance, seeing the name "Driving Deloreans" almost instantly makes you think, "Is this another Lonely Island piss take"? Well it's certainly not.

Kyle Krone is from Echo Park, CA and was the former front man for The Shys. He's now focussing fully on his debut LP release, For Those Who Think Young, which is due out later this year.

There really isn't much more information out there at the moment and were bringing you pretty much the same information as everyone else, but the music generally speaks for itself when showcasing new talent. In this case it's no different.

Here's a good quote from Kyle:
“This is stuff that I have always been into but, you know, when you have a rock band with two guitars it doesn’t really work; Shys just kind of did their thing. In May or April of last year I decided I was going to do this on my own because I had quite a few songs building up and it started to sound like it could be a record. I started recording at home and then in August I finally took it to the big studio in LA with the help of an engineer friend I have worked with forever, Mark Rains. I had a couple friends come out and play and basically went in there and made the record on my own with some friends. Since then I started my own little imprint called Young Volcano to put this stuff out.”
That quote tells you everything you need to know. Kyle is very similar in a way to a whole host of new artists coming out at the moment. They seem to have this, "new-wave pop for a new generation" on lock down. It won't be leaving anytime soon so everyone should crack open a cold one and enjoy this summer.

Listen to all three of his tracks below as well as watching the video for "Driving Deloreans".