New Artist / Material: Zowie vs Sebastien Grainger - Love or Hate

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Quite possibly the most mouldable future "popstar" to feature on 1FTP, Zowie looks set for the top.

The New Zealand native formerly Bionic Pixie, now goes by the name Zowie. Congratulations on that, I mean come on! Bionic Pixie, anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

Enough bitching, on to the real substance. Zowie has a new track entitled, "Love or Hate" and check who's dueting with her on it. Sebastien Grainger, one half of Death from Above 1979, the singing and drumming half at that.

Upon first listen, although it isn't too different sounding from her usual music, the signature DFA sound is very apparent. Listen below.

Oh and for sceptics, she has opened for Mark Ronson and Katy Perry this year. Too late now though, you already liked it didn't you.