New Artist: Terrible Truths - Don Juan

18:26:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Australian music seems to be thriving right now. Young Magic, Paredes, Bleeding Knees Club & Rockets are just a number of acts we've featured up to now (look, we didn't even mention Tame Impala), and we're guessing there will be more to come too.

The latest in this flourishing scene down under is Adelaide's Terrible Truths, who are made up of Liam Kenny (drums), Rani Rose (guitar / vocals) & Stacy Wilson (bass / vocals) and take influence from punk acts like Bikini kill, The Mo-Dettes and Bush Tetras to name but a few.

From the five tracks we have "Don Juan" in particular is a sure fire hit. With it's laid back groove and reverb heavy guitars, it's very reminiscent of something you'd expect from the west coast of America. Top standout though is"Diamond", an instantaneously catchy bullet that contains a quite brilliant guitar riff juxtaposed with raw, punk-ish vocals that go together like hand in glove. It's only 1.23 long but I can safely say it's going to remain in your head for an awful lot longer.

The first two tracks are taken from a split EP with Hissey Miyake, the remaining three being part of the bands debut EP which will be out in the not too distant via local label Faux Friends. Stream the lot below...