New Artist: Cold Showers - I Don't Mind

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Cold Showers' first track "I Dont Mind" sees two of the four piece going back and forth like some nu age Jamie Hince / Alison Mosshart outfit. Something this effortlessly cool could only be created in L.A. Thats just how it is, apparently.

Opening to some rapturous guitars you cant help but be roped in. Again, not to sound like they're not trying, but it all seems so natural. Then, just when you think it will draw to steady outro, the track bounces back with some fuzzy, haze driven defiance. Quite a way to start a career if we do say so ourselves.

Find Cold Showers dropping a two track EP Highlands on Mexican Summer. Available to buy soon, here.

  Cold Showers - I Don't Mind

Edit* New video (rather gruesome)

Cold Showers "I Don't Mind" from Brian Davila on Vimeo.