Video: Violens - Spirit

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Violens have a new track and video out for the song "Spirit" as well as a few others of note.

Violens are: Jorge Elbrecht, vocals and guitar, Iddo Arad on vocals and synthesiser and last but not least Myles Matheny on again, vocals and guitar.

The band formed in 2007 and classes themselves as guitar and synth based vocal harmony group. If you hadn't listened to a single track, looking at their line-up you would have possibly guessed that's what style of music they play.

I see their current sound as being particularly shoegaze and it bares some resemblances (I'm not saying they sound the same) to a favourite of mine, Tamaryn.

The band released their debut LP, Amoral last year and are now releasing new tracks one by one, whether or not they will for an EP or a full LP remains to be seen but so far so good, were impressed.