New Single: Polarsets - Sunshine Eyes

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FINALLY..... first one of the year, it's a North East band for us to give some praise to.

If there's one pain in what we do, it's that we never have the material to big up our local talent. Apparently it's brilliant, maybe It's me though, but i'm just not seeing it.

Anyway, Newcastle's Polarsets are all set for their April 18 release of official debut single, "Sunshine Eyes" through the one and only Kitsuné.

Not only this but the track has seen a remix by one of our favourite acts of the moment, Jensen Sportag (signed by our friends at Cascine, home of Chad Valley, Evan Voytas and Shine 2009)

"Sunshine Eyes" is packed full of sun drenched vibes of optimism and feel good positivity, a sure fire hit.

Listen to it below, we'll throw in the Jensen Sportag remix for good measure.