Introducing: Evan Voytas - Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere

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Evan Voytas came to light a few months back now. When we were browsing through the roster of outstanding new record label Cascine. Being huge fans of Chad Valley we naturally felt compelled by this relatively unknown label singing alongside Hugo.

Evan is based in LA, and has a croon about the way he sings. here's a good quote from Cascine:
"Evan sings with a dreamy, incandescent falsetto that wraps around gauzy atmospherics and electronic beats, while synth-lines flutter across the compositions. A jazz musician at heart and craft, Evan translates a classic training into a modern aesthetic. The title track belies his undeniable finesse with melody, and a songwriting talent that’s natural yet refined beyond his years."
The new video for his track 'Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere' is directed by Jamie Harley and features the ever busy Kate Moss.