Introducing: Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross - Blacks

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Hailing form Chicago, Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is the latest signing to Diplo's versatile label 'Mad Decent'. 

The project is the work of 24 year old bedroom beat-maker Dexter Tortoriello, who previously recorded under the name Houses.

A quote from Mad Decent says: 

"Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is meant to bring about a melancholy familiarity, like going back to the house where you grew up and finding it the way you left it, only 10 years later and everything is falling apart"

'The Blow EP' is released on April 12th and goes as follows:

1. On The Floor
2. Blacks
3. Blow
4. White Sun
5. Lamont
6. Black Sun

You can grab the beautiful, melancholic drones of "Blacks" for free when you hit the arrow on the player below.

Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross - Blacks