New Release: Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door

18:47:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Art by Chiara Tomati
Dumbo Gets Mad is an Italian psychedelic-rock project, of who though remains a bit of a mystery. But we do know that the duo behind the music make some obscurely nice electro-noise

The first DGM output - "Eclectric Prawn" (included on the album) - was particularly solid....

There is enough knob twisting effects on the LP to make your head spin. Its quite an ode to the free loving 60's, with a distinctively current twist, of course.

Now, you can get the whole debut LP when you simply pay with a tweet. Thats a sweet deal if you ask us. Alternatively, if you prefer something tangible, you can buy the 12" vinyl here through Bad Panda records.

There is also an on going remix competition which you can get involved with, here.