New Artist: Work Drugs - Third Wave

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Our self-penned 'beachwave' sound or whatever wave you'd prefer, rears its beautiful face again in the form of new band 'Work Drugs'.

Work Drugs are, Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal. They generally share the elements of the band but Thomas has more vocals and Benjamin has more instrumentals. They hail from Philadelphia, PA and class their sound as sedative-wave / smooth-fi. Again lets not over complicate this, they're just beachwave, we have all bases covered there.

Here's a quote from the guys Bandcamp:

"Work Drugs hopes you dance to this song/ take drugs to this song / have sex to this song / sail to this song / freak out to this song."

Anyway their first real piece of magic comes in the shape of "Third Wave". I'm not sure where all this sultry beachy goodness is coming from these days but it's fair to say I didn't expect it to be Philadelphia......

We'll be keeping you posted on these guys.