More Songs For Christmas 2010: Tap Tap & Beach House

19:18:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Heres two more lovely Christmas tracks for you, coming from Tap Tap & Beach House. Be sure to add these to the others we brought you just last week to create your 'Best Of Xmas' pt 9763 mix tape.

First up is Tom Sanders' Tap Tap, giving us his unique rendition of 'Calypso Carol'....

(Follow the link to download it for free.)

Speaking of Pete & The Pirates, it seems like we we're too quick for our own good when we brought you their returning track 'Winter One' on Wednesday. Stick with us in the coming weeks when we actually get clearance to post it.

And secondly, we get a new holiday special from Beach House, which is a 'gift to the internet' that was recorded just last week. Again, its a freebie, so simply click here for yours.

Beach House - I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun

Isn't Christmas such a fun time?