Interview: Still Corners

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Try not to fall in love with Still Corners. Ironically their track "Don't Fall In Love" will be willing you on all the way, but there's no way you'll be able to resist. Rightly so, as music of this kind is there for that reason and that reason only, it does it's job and then some.

Back around August time we posted some of the bands new music, including 'Endless Summer' and 'Wish', the latter has its own video. With these track's as a basis, we decided we must hear and find out more from this mysterious band, "what are they?", "where are they from?". . We recently managed to catch up with Greg Hughes from the band to ask a few questions, here is the outcome.

(1forthepeople) Whats the story behind the name 'Still Corners'?

(Greg) It comes from a Robert Frost poem.

(1FTP) The track "Don't Fall In Love" is a bit of a favourite with us, is there a Cody Chesnutt sample in there? How did that particular song come about?

(Greg) I had broken up with someone and wrote it out of that. The only samples used were some tears plip-plopping on the microphones.

"The faster you learn to get out of the way of a song the quicker you'll write better songs." - Greg Hughes, Still Corners

(1FTP) What is your fondest moment of your Still Corners careers so far?

(Greg) We had a great time in Berlin doing the Let's Kiss and Make Up Festival. The Seefeel show at the ICA last week was loads of fun too!

(1FTP) "Endless Summer" & "History Of Love" seem to transcend into something special towards the end of each track. Is that something purposely planned or does it simply come naturally d
uring the recording process?

(Greg) I think songs write themselves and it's best to just get out of the way of them. If a song wants to go somewhere like that it will tell you that and you just sorta follow it through. The faster you learn to get out of the way of a song the quicker you'll write better songs. I've been trying to get out of the way a long time.

(1FTP) If you were describing Still Corners to someone how would you fill in the blanks below.....

(Greg) Still Corners are dreamy pop mixed with choir girl vocals with a little noise thrown in.

(1FTP) What's your current listening choice?

(Greg) Early Leonard Cohen

(1FTP) What is the plan for the rest of 2010 & early 2011, anything exciting pencilled in?

(Greg) We have another single coming out early next year, and fingers crossed a whole record around summer.