New Video: Still Corners - Wish

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Back in July we brought you information of an "up and coming" band by the name of Still Corners, we knew the bare basics on the band. We now know a little more.

Their official site has this to say:
"With a deep love of film and sixties-sound production, Still Corners write dreamy pop songs, full of swirling organs, big drums and lush vocals."
"Building on a reputation for heart-stopping live performances mixing film projection with soaring soundscapes, Still Corners have upcoming releases on Fierce Panda, Great Pop Supplement, and a full length due later this year."

We will have news of the full length as soon as possible. For the time being the band have released a short EP 'Remember Pepper' which you can get here. Still Corners have also released Don’t Fall In Love/Wish 7″ on the 20th of this month (We have the video for 'Wish') also we are going to throw the track 'Endless Summer' in too, just for the hell of it. Happy Days.