New Music: Public Enemy - Say It Like It Really Is

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When I first heard about this I found myself thinking, I'm not really sure I want to hear this, it's going to be horrific (due to the age of the group). My, how wrong I was, after all nobody does Hip-Hop better than all the old skool masters, they have been putting out music since 1987.

They've sat around while the scene has sold it's soul in front of their eye's, witnessing recent travesty's such as Eminem, Jay-Z etc. collaborating with Rhianna, Ludacris collaborating with f*cking Justin Bieber, 50-Cent collaborating with Justin Timberlake, these so called rap stars need an education they have lost the foundation in which the genre was built on. (very much similar to a particular footballing issue we have in the UK)

Check out the video for the groups latest single "Say It Like It Really Is". Public Enenmy have a box set called "Bring The Noise, The Hits, Vids & Docs Box: Greatest Sites and Sounds (Chapter 2 1999-2009)" due out soon, our advice is visit their website for all the info.