New Album: Bombay Bicycle Club - Flaws

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On July 12th, Bombay Bicycle Club will be back with an entirely acoustic album.

Consisting of some old tracks, "Magnet", "Jewel" and "Dust On The Ground", new tracks and cover versions, including yet again another Joanna Newsom cover, this time it's "Swansea".

"Flaws" is an excellent album, all be it not to everyone's tastes. It should be applauded for its daring, when the relatively new band may have felt the need to bring out an LP like the last, to cement their standing in the UK music scene.

The LP is to be preceded by releases of the tracks, "Flaws" and "Ivy & Gold" on July 5th, These two tracks are perfect for this time of the day, "Ivy & Gold" being our preferred choice, enjoy.

''Ivy & Gold''