TCV: Second album

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Them Crooked Vultures are releasing a second album with DG quoted as saying the album would be "more powerful than the first one"... interesting thought. Even more interestingly, QOTSA and Foo Fighters are both due to release new material in the coming year (maybe not Foo's, as they start recording in September) How do they fit it all in?

The queens album according to Homme will be a "desert orgy in the dark." isn't that the norm?.. hopefully a video on a par with 'Go with the Flow' will be in order too. All this is even more interesting as QOTSA's keyboardist, guitarist, multi percussion instrument playing, Dean Ferita, is currently working on another "Supegroup" album, that of The Dead Weather..... The cycle continues with The Dead Weather vocalist Alison Mosshart who, aswell as working on their second album, is also being 'VV' again and working along side 'Hotel'(Jamie Hince) on The Kills 4th LP. It's definately going to be an interesting year ahead.

Heres a TCV live clip from Reading 2009 of my favourite album track 'Dead End Friends' since they have annoyingly made no videos for singles, New Fang and Mind Eraser, No Chaser.