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DIANA "Confession" serves as another slice of rich and classy synth-pop and one of the spearheads of upcoming album, Familiar Touch.

Three years on from break-through record Perpetual Surrender, Toronto's DIANA are readying their next release, Familiar Truth. Speaking to The Fader on "Confession", the group say its a mash up of what they've recently been into. DIANA said, "the drums off the top are from the emu E4x sampler and sound almost Depeche Mode-esque, and then there's the Linn Drum, really funky synth bass and a whole other layer of ambience on top. The rhythm track is inspired by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, maybe something like what it would sound like if they worked with Annie Lennox, and then there's a guitar part that comes in in the second verse that has a really distinct tone, which is the result of the fact that Carmen played it with a toonie (a Canadian $2 coin for those who don't know)."

Kinda lazy writing there ^ but that quote has done my job for me. New album Familiar Touch is set for release in November. Listen to DIANA "Confession" below.