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chromatics dear tommy album art red apple

Chromatics Dear Tommy has finally been announced - unveiled with a full track-listing and stream of the title track.

Chromatics' Dear Tommy is quite literally the most anticipated release of recent times, having been tipped for release on various occasions for nearing two years now. As a track, "Dear Tommy" proves a devilishly haunting one, much more somber and dark than all the previous pieces of work (Just Like You, In Films, I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around) we've so far heard from the album.

Listen to Chromatics "Dear Tommy" below and take a glance at the tracklisting too. No release date from Italian Do It Better, as yet, but it will no doubt be just around the corner.

01. Fresh Blood
03. Time Rider
05. Cherry
06. She Says
07. Just Like You
08. 4 A.M.
09. Teacher
10. Camera
11. Dear Tommy
12. Touch Blue
13. After Hours
14. Shadow
15. In Silence
16. Colorblind
17. Endless Sleep