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Yes, still playing catch up of course - Sweden's MIYNT has unveiled latest song "After The Gold Rush", to come from EP no.1.

The Swedish songstress will release EP no.1 through B3SCI Records on September 16 and with "After The Gold Rush" following up "The Strangest Game", it's fast becoming one of the most highly anticipated releases this year.

MIYNT's "After The Gold Rush" is inspired and dedicated to the Neil Young album of the same name and certainly doesn't let anyone down in doing so. Dominated by a gruff bass and MIYNT's light and breezy vocals, "After The Gold Rush" proves as strong as it is delicate, merging the two to near perfection.

Listen to MIYNT "After The Gold Rush" below and grab a pre-order of EP no.1 over at B3SCI Records' bandcamp page.