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Lucia Fontaine hails from Glasgow and doesn't half give it some. New track, first track, whatever you want to call it, "Lose My Mind" has it all.

Set to release her debut Best Boy EP through Dead Beet Records this Autumn, it's well and truly time to get this ball rolling. "Lose My Mind" offers all the typical grungy, reverb laden goodness we've heard time in, time out, but it's the vocals that really make Lucia Fontaine stand out. Infectious would be putting it lightly. Who would have thought that a gravely voice could sound so sickly sweet at the same time, it's fucking addictive. I really didn't want to use this comparison but, "Lose My Mind" is like a shit-hot Best Coast without all the bullshit that comes with it.

Lucia Fontaine's Best Boy EP is set for a 10" vinyl release on Dead Beet Records this Autumn, listen to "Lose My Mind" for the time being.