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jenn champion no one hardly art

Jenn Champion of Carissa's Weird and S has dropped "No One", the first track recorded under this new moniker and the first track to come from her upcoming, digital only, No One EP.

"No One" see's Jenn Champion head into murky waters. Shadowy, dusky electronic waters, a'la Nicolas Winding Refn soundtracks, and proves to be a sort of play on synthwave. The song drives along at a steady pace, always flirting with the notion of picking up speed but never really bothering. "No One" proves the ultimate laid back and melancholic number, suited perfectly to Champion's cool, calm and collected vocals.

Jenn Champion's No One EP is set for digital release through Hardly Art on August 5 - pre-order the EP now. Listen to title track "No One" below.