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flock of dimes jen wasner paley fairman
Photo by Paley Fairman

Flock Of Dimesaka Jen Wasner, hasn't figured on 1FTP since 2011! Yes, 2011. Back then Flock Of Dimes had just dropped "Prison Bride" - now it's the turn of "Semaphore".

To anyone who doesn't know or hasn't read our post from back in the day, Jen Wasner is from Wye Oak and uses Flock Of Dimes for her solo work. This year she signed to Partisan for the release of upcoming solo album If You See Me, Say Yes.

"Semaphore" is absolutely stunning - let me just say that - it brings a little bit of everything to the table. Singer-songwriter qualities with a touch of edge and one seriously infectious chorus. If something was to be as jazzy as subtle, "Semaphore" would be a perfect example.

If You See Me, Say Yes is out on Partisan from September 23rd - grab a pre-order - you can listen to "Semaphore" below.