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I think the saying is go hard or go home innit? Well that certainly applies for Girl Band's "Paul". It's Friday, we're all fucking ecstatic, so what better than this absolute monster to kick off the weekend.

We've never actually featured Girl Band before, I think we can say that for quite a few bands of late because of our pretty appalling time restrictions but they're on now, finally.  There's not many out there like Girl Band at the minute, if you're not careful you might find your ears bleeding, but in the best way possible we promise. promise!

Alot of you will listen to Girl Band and just think, "hang on, what the fuck is this - this is absolutely bat shit crazy stuff", and to be fair you would be right, but what is so exciting about them is that like on "Paul", making sense and following a pattern and style play second fiddle to an all out rampage of energy, proving that not everything needs to be so well planned out and thought through to prove "entertaining". If you don't like Girl Band then just move on - no big deal.

"Paul" is set to feature on Girl Band's upcoming debut album Holding Hands With Jamie out September 25th via Rough Trade - you grab a pre-order of Holding Hands With Jamie now.