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If there was someone who I felt needed to pull out all the stops of their new work it was Youth Lagoon and with "The Knower" - his new song from upcoming Savage Hills Ballroom - he has absolutely smashed it - smashed it, I tell you.

Other than a choice few off Youth Lagoon's last album Wondrous Bughouse, I felt like it was a bit of a let down and from someone with so much obvious promise, I found it a bit annoying. "The Knower" though - wow - candid, languid, lucid, beautifully and bizarrely deranged, this song has it all. "The Knower" has peaks and trough of immersive yet incredibly simplistic elegance and poignance. This is a true Trevor Powers caterpillar into butterfly moment and I can't wait for Savage Hills Ballroom.

Pre-order Savage Hills Ballroom - a collection of ten songs from Youth Lagoon - out on September 25th through Fat Possum. Listen to "The Knower" below.