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First and foremost, hat tip to GFP for the heads up on this one and just to echo Tom's sentiments, 
this is potentially a PR stunt but who cares when you have something as solid as "Little Lies", from unknown(s) Vanilla.

I really couldn't care less about the whole back story as to where, why, and how, the Malmo based record label, Naiv Recordings, came across this Vanilla song - and that label name is doing nothing for my confidence either. "Little Lies" is your typical ethereal Scandinavian dream-pop - as airy as it is textural and absolutely drenched in charm and melancholy to the point of oozing seduction.

To find out more about how much and why Naiv Recordings want to search down this mysterious gem - head to their website. Listen to Vanilla - "Little Lies" below.