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Communions unveil the new video for "Forget It's A Dream", the first track from what quite literally is the best EP I've heard all year - no exaggeration. The Danish group released their Communions EP back on June 1st through Tough Love Records and if you haven't heard it yet - we strongly suggest you add it to the top of your list.

The video was directed by Nikolaj Møller who suggests the video's about "​the special time and years around being a teenager​ growing up and becoming an adult. Around the innocent years with ​the ​​newly ​discove​red sexual attraction​ and exploration". The theme may very well be intended to be that simple but in relation to the visuals, it seems to be a swipe at the fact this very ideal can change from one of innocence, into one of overly masculine, aggressive, unacceptable behaviour in adult years. Something still very problematic for a lot of grown men and something that can turn into a serious problem. Just like Communions' music, we're dealing with something, which on the surface looks all very nice and innocent but, in reality, we're missing the dark undertones making their music so brilliant.

Grab a copy of Communions' self-titled EP, from iTunes. Vinyl copies are sold out in the UK.