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For the most part gimmicks are shite, but on the odd occasion bands like Chastity Belt, and a couple others that I don't have the time to list, catch your attention. This is exactly what Childbirth have done and although this post is about 3 weeks in the making and they may not have the same thing goin' on as Chastity Belt, they seem to be onto something - especially with "Nasty Grrls".

Said track, "Nasty Grrls", by said band, Childbirth, does pang of a piss take now doesn't it? I mean those two phrases paired can concoct some pretty god awful images - or good I suppose - depending on the individual. Either way, Childbirth sound like the kind of girls that are more smelly-dirty-nasty, rather than the kind likely to go getting pregnant, and of course that's a tongue-in-cheek perception. Now to the track - "Nasty Grrls" is swaggering, ego pulsing, post-punk with acid reflux - heartburn in a song. We love it, you will love it, we all can love it together.

Childbirth are set to release their Womens Rights album on October 2nd through Suicide Squeeze Records. Pre-orders are available through the Suicide Squeeze website now.