Video: The Maccabees - Something Like Happiness

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Won't lie, the Maccabees previous album Given To The Wild didn't really do it for me. When you've grown almost side-by-side with the musical progression of a band, you tend to have a different outlook on their music. I'm not saying it wasn't any good, I'm just saying I didn't fall in love with it in the same way as previous albums. After hearing "Something Like Happiness" I felt more comfortable. They sound like their usual selves - to me - and whether Given To The Wild was lauded by mainstream music journalists or not, this album sounds like it's going to push more of my buttons than its predecessor.

Nowadays it is very hard to yak a load of stuff about a band like the Maccabees and it really mean anything. Everybody knows enough about the guys by now - we're past that point - I don't need to sell them to you - we all know their quality and regardless of their growing popularity they will undoubtedly stay true to their ideas and beliefs and as such, we're still posting their music.

Watch the official video for "Something Like Happiness" below, and pre-order upcoming album Marks To Prove It via their record label, Fiction Records.