CT15 #11: Girls Names - Reticence

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We're really starting to run out of superlatives for Belfast's Girls Names. Yes, they're embarking on a trip down a slightly different path, but in hindsight they were always headed there and we're thrilled about it too. "Reticence" will be the band's lead single from upcoming Arms Around A Vision out on Tough Love.

Lets just get straight to the point with this one - "Reticence" marks a point in time for the band that we feel we're also at. A time where all faith in whatever kind of a system we're part of is gone and we're left with nothing but our own ideas and thoughts. It doesn't necessarily get us anywhere but were happy in the knowledge we can still be who we want to be. Girls Names sound like they're at that very place too and with the accompanying press release it's obvious they share our thoughts on one or two things. This rubs off on "Reticence" and we're thinking it will be the same case on Arms Around A Vision.

The track snarls into life and drives along at an almost frenetic pace, it all seems very deep and the riff only serves to strengthen those thoughts. Don't drift off though, as we're then hit with a burst of melody and all the previous cold and anxious feelings are smothered into murky undertones while the track continues to bloom above it, like it's been 30,000 years under ice. We understand the band's frustrations with the current musical climate but all we can do is get on with it the best way we know how.

You can pre-order Girls Names' upcoming LP, Arms Around A Vision, through Tough Love. It will be released on October 2nd.