Introducing: Young Wonder - Sweet Dreaming

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Not going to say we've always wanted to but haven't got around to posting Young Wonder, but we definitely seem to have missed the boat, especially considering Feel Good Lost have shown so much interest in the Cork duo.

Feel Good Lost and to be more specific, Brendan Canty's work has been one of the most solid in quantity and quality for as-long as we've been running One For The People, where others have faded and long since disappeared, the venture is still as strong and resilient as it seemed back in 2011. The quality of Young Wonder's "Sweet Dreaming" is there for all to see, it's dazzling to say the least. Its rich vocals and enchanting synths create a pretty awe-inspiring atmosphere and bodes well for their upcoming full-length debut, Birth.

You can grab a pre-order Young Wonder's Birth (out May 18th) from Feel Good Lost's web-store - here.