Tracks: OUTFIT - On The Water On The Way

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Liverpool's OUTFIT unveil "On The Water On The Way", the third track to come from their upcoming June 15th release of Slowness on Memphis Industries.

Not that much, but "On The Water On The Way" sounds a bit more like what we're used to hearing from OUTFIT pre-Genderless. But like we pretty much always say, you can't predict what's round the corner for the band, who are almost impossible to pigeon-hole. One thing we do know is that this latest track plays on the eerie, almost space-like synths we've previously heard on "New Air" and the aforementioned "Genderless". So far, so good for the group who sound ultimately refreshed since their move to Memphis Industries.

Grab a pre-order of Slowness, which will feature all three of the above mentioned tracks - here.