Tracks: Gambles - New Moon Move

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We haven't heard much from New Yorker Gambles in recent times, but things are about to change with new music on the horizon - "New Moon Move" signifies a step in a new direction for the singer-songwriter.

Last time we featured Gambles was actually back in April last year and he's now removed all his old stuff from Soundcloud, looking to start fresh. Of the two tracks available at the minute, "New Moon Move" is the more interesting, mainly because its a dramatic switch-up in styles to what we're used to from Gambles. Gone are the folk tendencies of yesteryear and in comes a new, smokey and angsty blues feel. The track still has some stylings we're accustomed to and the typical stripped back nature of the track is one of those. Focus is on a demonic guitar line and riffs, poignant vocals and pace setting drums building the atmosphere. It's all very deep and things just get heavier and heavier as the track progresses.

It's good to see this new side to Gambles and hopefully more new releases will have the same zest and freshness that we're getting from "New Moon Move". You can hear his other track over at Soundcloud.