Tracks: Black Honey - Spinning Wheel

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Ok so playing a bit of catch up now, we've been away for a few weeks so naturally theres some stuff we've missed that's outrageous, such is Brighton's Black Honey and their latest effort "Spinning Wheel".

The track has a tad more of a raucous nature than some of the bands other efforts but having seen them tear the roof of The Social not so long ago, we knew all about this. "Spinning Wheel" in a way, pays homage to the riffage seen on American Surf-Rock versions of the infamous Pulp Fiction soundtrack, "Misirlou". Pair that with a vocal styling we're more used to hearing on a track like Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" and yes, you've got a serious track on your hands. This is "Spinning Wheel" in a nutshell and one fine nutshell at that.

Still no sign of an EP or anything else other than some serious summer festival dates, but we'll know soon enough.