Introducing: Flesh World - Just To Tear Me Down

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Flesh World bring together pieces of former band Brilliant Colours, Limp Wrists and Needles - if you're unfamiliar with any of those, I wouldn't worry too much.

Flesh World includes, Jess Scott and Diane Anastasio (Brilliant Colours) and Scott Moore (Limp Wrists/Needles) and they've forged a solid post-punk, brooding sound, washed in melodies, feedback, killer drum builds and guitar hooks. "Just To Tear Me Down" isn't something you'd 100% expect from members with hardcore backgrounds, but who's to say those influences won't rear their heads at some point too? - so far so good for San Francisco's Flesh World.

"Just To Tear Me Down" is from Flesh World's The Wild Animals In My Life LP, set for release on June 2nd through Iron Lung.