Introducing: Weirds - Off The Hook/Heavy Rain

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Striking a good solid blow for the North - Leeds to be precise - is alternative rock four-piece Weirds and their upcoming single, "Off The Hook"/"Heavy Rain".

This release on the always good, Too Pure Singles Club, is a raucous and rampant juggernaut of desert-rock vibes and aggressive riffs - no messin'. Don't get it twisted with the desert-rock vibes though, "Off The Hook" doesn't tow any kind of QOSTA line, their sound is very much their own. "Heavy Rain" is far more of a standard hard-rock piece, focusing on heavy basslines and a catchy chorus that finds its way to a demonic break-down with one of the best build-ups you'll maybe hear all year.

You can grab a pre-order of the single through Rough Trade now.