Introducing: L.A. Girlfriend - Runner

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"Sydney Bartra produces danceable nostalgia driven synth-pop" - Introducing L.A. Girlfriend and current track "Runner".


L.A. Girlfriend is the brainchild of - you guessed it - LA based Sydney Bartra and she produces a danceable kind of nostalgia driven synth-pop. She's been about for a while now and there's definitely no shortage of tracks on her Soundcloud.

Standout track "Runner" is her most recent and features on three-track release, Varsity. "Runner" starts off sounding like something from a dodgy Sega Mega Drive game back in the day but doesn't take long to turn into a catchy slice of synth-pop - extremely catchy. The half-way point is where you get to see the true glory in the recording and what L.A. Girlfriend is fully capable of.

You can grab a copy of L.A. Girlfriend's Varsity EP over at her bandcamp page.