Video: Merchandise - Telephone

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Merchandise unveil video for "Telephone" from one of this years best releases, After The End.


It seems like new video day today, first Wampire and now Merchandise with this self directed video for After The End joint, "Telephone".

Here's what frontman Carson Cox had to say on the whole thing:
"This video was lots of work. For sure our most theatrical but also our most animated. Under the amazing art direction of John Byrne and a load of scots we were able to not only confuse time but create a new type of surrealism. We smoked a ton of cigarettes and stuffed ourselves with food till the ideas came flowing out…"
John Byrne created a set of plays called The Slab Boys Trilogy back in the 70s, which eventually found their way onto the big screen. Anyway, this video is a twist on those plays.

You can still grab a copy of After The End from 4ad's store.