Feature: Anticipated Autumn LPs 2014

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It's Autumn or at least nearly, and it's time to run down all the most highly-anticipated LPs, set for release throughout the season.

Summer (release-wise) was, in a word, shit. We featured a host of anticipated albums but, other than the ones we mentioned, there was a lack of quality, but considering summer is mainly the festival season it was still pretty acceptable. We're moving out of festival season now though, and we've got so many releases to mention that we've had to cut it down and include some "honourable mentions" so not to bore everyone to death s- right?

Wampire - Bazaar (Polyvinyl: October 7)

Wampire is the Portland duo of Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps and ever since their debut track "The Hearse" we've loved their original and all together different sound.

So far we've only heard "Wizard Staff" from the duos upcoming Curiosity follow-up but when your albums being produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Jacob Portrait, it's always going to prick our ears. 

Jamie T - Carry On The Grudge (Virgin EMI: September 29)

If we need to tell you who Jamie T is then we suggest you have a quick Google search because to be frank, where have you been? Fair enough he's been off the scene for nearly five years but, come on!

Having already been treat to an array of styles from comeback track, "Don't You Find" to current single "Zombie", to say we're excited for Carry On The Grudge could possibly be understatement of the year.

Kindness - Otherness (Female Energy: October 13)

Kindness' previous LP, World You Need A Change Of Mind may possibly be our favourite album of 2012, or at least one of them. Well we're now in 2014 and Adam Bainbridge is back with another host of minor celebrity buddies contributing to another eclectic mix of seriously catchy and serious funky tracks.

"World Restart" is the first track from the album and with a bit of help from Kelela and Ade, Kindness may have the jazziest, most bombastic track of the year.

Caribou - Our Love (City Slang/Merge: October 4-7)

A bit like Jamie T - Caribou (other than with other alias') has been in the musical wilderness for quite some time - four years to be exact and with the huge success of his 2010 LP Swim, we're not surprised Dan Snaith has taken his time over it.

The first track we heard from Our Love was "Can't Do Without You", which was very much what we've come to expect from Caribou, only with a few tweaks, nips and tucks here and there. Following that we we're treat to album title track "Our Love" and with it came a vast amount of expectation ahead of Our Love's official release.

Lemonade - Minus Tide (Cascine: September 9)

Cascine, one of our long time favourite labels are ready to put out the new album from Brooklyn's Lemonade and for anyone who isn't fully aware of Lemonade. They are a DIY synth-pop act that create luscious, sun kissed vibes in abundance. Everything we've come to expect and love from Cascine. The two are like a match made in heaven and for that reason, we're anticipating a staunch LP in the making.

Bass Drum Of Death - Rip This (Innovative Leisure: October 7)

Mississippi's Bass Drum of Death or John Barrett if you prefer have been kicking about for almost too long now, just teetering on the brink of garage rock brilliance and it's felt like an ages since we first heard their raucous and full-blooded "Young Pros" back in 2011. We're thinking Rip This could be the start of something slightly new and different for BDOD.

Alt-J - This Is All Yours (Infectious: September 22)

2012's Mercury Music Prize Winners Alt-J are an odd bunch, in fact they're like Marmite, some love them some hate them but one thing is for sure - everyone will have their ears pointed towards the release to their highly-anticipated follow up This Is All Yours.

The band seem to have took a touch more of a mainstream turn on their latest material and it's going to be interesting to see how the full release pans out - No pressure lads.

Foxes In Fiction - Ontario Gothic (Orchid Tapes: September 23)

Foxes In Fiction aka Warren Hildebrand has gone in and out of the spotlight for us over the years but their latest work is quite sublime. "Shadows Song" was actually granted Certified New acclaim on the site as one of the years standout track and when you've got Owen Pallet representing on Violin, you know you're onto something.

The light and breezy nature of Foxes In Fiction fill the void left by a yearly Beach House release, not to say they can't stand on their own two feet, Ontario Gothic is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Sea Pinks - Dreaming Tracks (CF Records: September 29)

Sea Pinks are probably the quiet and understated outsiders in our list of LPs to keep an eye out for over the coming Autumn months. Ex-Girls Names (1FTP Favourites) man Neil Brogan has found an output other than Girls Names to impose his loveable, lo-fi pop melancholia and it sounds like their sound has been well and truly honed latest tracks.

"Dream Happening" is a far more refined and direct track than anything we've previously heard and it poses well for the September 29 release of the similarly named Dreaming Tracks.

The Drums - Encyclopedia (Minor Records: September 23)

Last, but not least - or maybe least? Who knows with The Drums' terribly sketchy output. We're going to take a stab and say, while a lot of people feel they're strongest output is behind them, the band still have potential to create a magical surf record - regardless.

Latest track "I Can't Pretend" is exactly why we're willing to take that punt. The track oozes everything we'd come to love about The Drums over the years and for that reason and that reason alone, we're anticipating something better than previous attempts.

Honourable Mentions:

Esben & The Witch - A New Nature (Nostromo: October 8)
Interpol - El Pintor (Matador: September 8)
Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways (Roswell/RCA: November 10)
Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End (September 30)
Christopher Owens - A New Testament (Turntable: September 29)
GOAT - Commune (Sub Pop/Rocket Recordings: September 22/23)
Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World (Last Gang Records: September 9)

Until Winter...